Privacy Policy

When you use this website, we will keep record of your domain name, server address and E-mail address, track the webpage you are browsing, store related data of the "cookies" for our statistics on the traffic mode, the popularity of each page, etc.

In the course of its many functions to assist people in need, The Salvation Army may collect personal, sensitive, or non-sensitive information. This information is kept by The Salvation Army, in strict accordance with the appropriate legislations.

Information collected will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected and all records and electronic data are protected from unauthorised use, or access. The disposal of information that is no longer required for such purposes will be carried out in accordance with legal and organisational requirements.

This information will not be disclosed without your consent unless required by law or a legal authority. Reasonable access to the information will be provided to individuals or their appointed representatives should they require details about personal information held.